Chessie as a Three Month Old Puppy!

Chessie as a Three Month Old Puppy!

Sunday, August 9, 1987

Chessie Earns AKC Companion Dog (CD) Title!

CD Title plaque from Oakland Dog Training Club!

Sunday, May 31, 1987

Chessie Earns Fourth Place in Novice Obedience!

Oakland Dog Training Club
May 31, 1987

Thursday, February 12, 1987

Chessie Appears in San Francisco Examiner!

February 12, 1987

In this photo is Chessie to the far right under the bar and Maxwell is jumping over the bar. I don't remember the names of the Bull Terrier and other Pit Bull under the bar. Judith Brecka is in the foreground and instructing Maxwell to jump the bar and Pat Cooke is in the background holding her dog, who I believe is Hershey.